Narrable your stories

Narration and storytelling are key components of my course. When I found Narrable I could not wait to use it. Not only it is a very user friendly tool but it is ideal for storytelling. What really excited me was the fact that it is all based on pictures and audio. Great opportunity to teach Creative Commons usage, and to practice speaking skills in my Foreign Language class.

First off, I created three Word Documents including the rubric, a cheat sheet, and instructions on how to use images from the Web. Please find these documents below:


NARRABLE cheat sheet


I tried to make sure that students had a clear and neat instruction about what they were expected to do. As usual, I also did my best to make sure that they would work on their story line and ideas BEFORE working with the technology tool. Very often students just want to jump into technology. When this happens the project might look beautiful and really techy, but the body of the project is missing. I make sure that I stress the importance of having a well structured story. This is what I asked them to complete at the top of the Narrable Rubric document.

Narrable is quite an easy tool to use. Additionally, it is free! However, in the free version you can only create a maximum of 5 projects. This was not an issue for me, I just made sure that I told the students. Projects are very easy to delete, so whenever they created too many that were just drafts they could easily delete them in order to remain in the free version. I think that this is a great tool for Foreign Language courses. Narrable becomes a mini language lab.

Once they completed the assignment they had to embed it in Schoology. This way students were able to see each other’s projects, and even comment on them.

Another very important thing that we learned with this project was how to use and cite online images. Our wonderful Educational Technologist, Lee Howell, shared these with us:

Easybib – It creates MLA Citation automatically!

CC Search Engine – We won’t be using Google Images as an image search engine any longer. From now on, students will have the habit of accessing this great site, and selecting the engine from there. The CC site filters the Creative Common licensed images. It offers convenient access to search services provided by other independent organizations.

Here are some of the beautiful Narrables that my students came up with. Enjoy!

Spanish 1 Example 1

Spanish 1 Example 2

Francais 1 Example 1

Francais 1 Example 2