Fun Friday!

It’s Friday.

We are all tired, and ready for the weekend. Sometimes at this time of the week students cannot focus unless the learning comes easily to them. We, as educators, must disguise the learning so that they are acquiring the content without really realizing about it. Can that be done? Yes! So what’s the deal?

Yesterday we started to learn the vocabulary of the song ¨In Summer¨ from the Frozen movie. As you may know, students are going crazy with this movie, they just love it. So this song came in handy since they AND I like it too (it makes me think about Summer). Talk about a treat for the teacher! We also want to have fun on Fridays, right? 😉frozen


I cut the lyrics of the song and had them put them in order. That is the way in which I started the activity with this song. Students struggled a bit but most of them got it right after listening to it around 3 times. The 3rd time I made sure to stop after every other line in order to give them time to proceed. Some of them were a bit confused at first, but at the end they found it fun. I think this is a good exercise to hone their listening skills.

Next, we just listened and enjoyed the song while singing it at the same time.

So, today, we started the class listening to it twice and reviewing the lyrics in the target language. And then, the fun began. We played freeze dance, but with a little twist. Students had to freeze whenever I stopped the song but, also, had to be paying close attention to the lyrics. When I stopped, I would choose a student randomly, and would ask him what the last word he/she heard was. The student had to tell me this word in the target language and, also, translate it into English. They loved this game and wanted to play it many times. The winners received some candy, this made the competition even more fun for them – you know how much they love food!



We continued the lesson with a bingo game. They had to include the terminology from the song and from the latest chapters. We were playing the In the Summer song in the background. One student led the bingo activity. It was a great way to review the vocabulary and to practice their listening and speaking skills.

That is, a Fun Friday!



De la bonne musique pour la classe FLE

            Who agrees with me if I say that music is one of the very best ways of learning a language? The tune stays in our brain, the vocabulary is acquired at ease and pleasantly, the phonetics are learned without even noticing, and both listening and speaking skills are developed while joyfully listening to a favorite song that is a pleasure to our ears.

I am a big music advocate. I firmly believe that music is one of the best resources to learn or hone one’s language skills. And taking into account the charming and outstanding Francophone music industry, why not taking advantage of it and integrating it in the FLE classroom?

Being a Middle School teacher, music has become a key element of my course. My teenagers love the groups, they become their fans! Little do they know that they are actually learning a bunch of language while enjoying their favorite tunes. They get so much into it, that they start downloading their favorite group’s songs in I tunes (and I do not ask them to do so!), how awesome is that?

Bearing this in mind, I thought of a fun and very educational project for my students. Creating a music clip with their favorite song from their favorite Francophone singer/group. The results were amazing.

To start with, I provided my kids with a broad list of songs/groups of my favorite singers. They were also allowed to use a different singer, but I always had to previously accept their song (that they submitted to me via Schoology for approval).

This is the list that I give my students with my dearest Francophone artists:

Coeur de Pirate, Carla Bruni, M, Vincent Delerm, Cali, Julien Doré, Yael Naim, Têtes raides, Serge Gainsbourg, Camille, Benabar, Axelle Red, Joe Dassin, Mickey 3D, Matmatah (Emma is one of my favorites), Brigitte (la vengeance d’une louve, battez vous…).

This is an assignment that they really love. It is fun, it involves technology, and it is educational at the same time.

These are some of the videos that my students created last year. Enjoy.