Draw My Life in ELE and FLE

As you may know, there is a ¨Draw My Life¨ trend in YouTube. It consists of recording a video of your life while drawing in a whiteboard. It’s quite cool and entertaining. Obviously, most of your students most likely have heard about this (my 6th graders all knew about it before me!)

Students drawing

Student recording

So, I wanted to create something similar in my class. We have not     learned past tense yet in 6th grade so talking about their lives may       have been too hard for their level. Instead, I had them create a story (creative writing in the target language). In this story they       had to use vocabulary and structures previously learned in the course. Creativity is always highly encouraged! Also, it was required to integrate some cultural aspects of their ¨country of adoption¨. This is, their Hispanic/Francophone country that they are assigned at the beginning of the school year in my class. Students had first to research  about some cultural characteristic that they would later incorporate in the storyline.

Students using Imovie

The story creation was the first section of the project. While doing this, students were not aware yet of what they were going to do with their story afterwards. I do not want for them to get distracted with technology, so I gave them a few days to create their own, personal story in the target language. I shared a rubric with them to make clear my expectations for this part of the assignment: Writing_RUBRIC

Once the story was completed and graded by me, I explained the Draw My Life idea. I gave them the option to use index cards, some students are more technological than others, so I differentiated and made sure that each student was in their comfort zone. I also shared a rubric with them, you can find it here.

And the results were, as usual, outstanding! All students were on task, enjoying every minute of the assignment. They were helping each other record and they were proud with the final result, so was I!

Check out these links to find some examples of the projects that my 6th graders beautifully completed for our World Language Class. Enjoy!

In Spanish:  http://vimeo.com/81144850 and http://vimeo.com/81144849

In French: http://vimeo.com/81144851 and http://vimeo.com/81144852

Les Misérables

“To love or have loved, that is enough. Ask nothing further. There is no other pearl to be found in the dark folds of life.” 
― Victor HugoLes Misérables

Breathless. That is the way I remained for 5 seconds at 12.45 am yesterday. It was the end of the movie, and my heart (along with the hearts of all those in the room) was full of feelings; happiness, bravery, and joy. When the screen turned black showing the end of the show, the audience bursted with applause.

Two and a half hours went by really fast. The story is engaging, and it contains all the ingredients for a perfect musical. I am a musical lover, and I must say that this musical exceeds all my expectations. The soundtrack is amazing, it will give you goosebumps, for sure.

Victor Hugo is genius. The story was full of metaphors, and it confirms what I already believe; we all have a little heart. Mean, rude, selfish people included. In the story we see how the meanest characters become a little nicer as events develop. Kill them with kindness is a very true proverb that applies in most instances, in the 1800s as well as in modern times.

The story elaborates upon the story of France taking its main character, Jean Valjean, as the main key component to show France’s political and social atmosphere during the Paris Uprising of 1832.

Les Mis is a mix of love, suffering, bravery, patriotism, and morals. Victor Hugo reflected accurately all aspects of human race, and is able to awaken the same emotions in the 1800 and in the year 2012. That is what a call a masterpiece. That is what I call a genius. Vive la France!

“Not being heard is no reason for silence.”
― Victor HugoLes Misérables