Les dieux voyagent toujours incognito

Les seules limites sont celles que l’on se donne.

There are no limits, apart from the ones that we set for ourselves.

A book full of power, a text full of message. Laurent Gounelle offers us a wisdom gem. What is funny, is that we know all that he tells us in those pages, but we tend to forget it in our daily hectic lives.Image

First of, the scenario. Mr. Gounelle couldn’t have chosen a better setting; Montmartre. Not Paris, but Montmartre. The most charming town of the city.

The main character is not chosen randomly either. He selects a character that is a bit of all of us, a bit of each piece of humanity that still exists in this world.

And then there is a bunch of text. A bunch of words full of meaning. So much meaning that I couldn’t stop underlining it while admiring its writing. Full of meaning, full of WISDOM.

Il n’y a pas de gros problemes. Il n’y a que des petites personnes.

It’s so simple, but so true. And we all know it. We all know that we are just a whole bunch of little ants under the Universe. However, we still get overwhelmed by daily events that are nothing but little events (if looked at from a different perspective.)

Si tu veux rester jeune toute ta vie, continue d’évoluer, d’apprendre, de découvrir, et ne t’enferme pas dans des habitudes qui sclérosent l’esprit, ni dans le confort engourdissant de ce que tu sais déja faire.

And how easy it is to think that we already studied enough, that we already learned enough, that we already gave/received enough. But there is no limit. There is always time to keep improving, to keep learning and to keep discovering the pleasures and knowledge that life provides us with.

Celui qui veut gravir la montagne ne doit pas se laisser impressionner par sa hauteur.

How many times do we look at a goal, and consider it impossible? How many times we don´t even try because ¨we will never make it ¨? Once again, we are setting our own limits.

Mais on est en France, moins on comprend ce que vous racontez, plus vous passez pour un génie…

And this happens in France, and also in many other places. Throw a whole lot of incomprehensible terms, a whole lot of bla bla bla, a whole lot of intellectually well thought words, and you are a genius. Be powerful, say anything, and you are God. It does not matter what you say anymore. They all love you, and adore you, and follow you because you are the leader. And we keep following like little sheep. Unfortunate, but real.

La véritable évolution n’est-elle pas intérieure? C’est en se changeant soi-meme que l’on devient heureux, pas en changeant ce qui nous entoure.

Self development. Inner peace. The happiness is in ourselves, not in our surroundings.

Mr. Gounelle decorates the plot with a love and family story that, for me, just comes in a second place. The nitty gritty of this book is the wisdom, and the little messages that we all know, and tend to forget in our way. Let’s remember the little pleasures, let’s not forget the wisdom.