Global Connections – The World in the Classroom

La Francophonie is one of my favorite celebrations. It is global, diverse, and Francophone! That is why every year I incorporate a lesson plan to commemorate the spread of the Francophone language and culture around the world.Francophonie 3

This year, my students became the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie. This institution actually exists; find out more about it clicking here 

So since this Institution is real, and the Francophonie is also a real event that is actually celebrated all around the world, I decided to make my class become a mock Francophonie Organization.

Students were divided by departments; Communications, Marketing, PR/Events, Cultural Diversity, President, and Vice President.

Each department had a different task. While PR was in charge of organizing the entire week of events, Communications was responsible for the creation and maintenance of our Website and blog: Website , Blog.

On the other hand, the Cultural Diversity team was in charge of researching the cultural and linguistic diversity of the Francophone Countries, while Marketing made sure to advertise the events through posters and banners, and the President and Vice President prepared their speeches, and oversaw the entire project approving/disapproving the events proposed.

Francophonie 1

This project takes a lot of supervision from the teacher, taking into account that it involves a very large group of students. I provided due dates for the different tasks. Please check them here. Providing the kids with a checklist was also critical (even if some of them didn’t really use it). I should maybe provide a grade for its completion next time, since I consider that it really keeps them better organized. Please check it out here.

I created a different rubric for each department, since each department had different tasks. Here they are:

Cultural Diversity Rubric

Communications Rubric

Events Rubric

Marketing Rubric

President/VP Rubric

This was an amazing project. Students loved it. They learned to work independently, cooperatively, and in a real-life situation. Most of my students are very business oriented, so this assignment helped them understand how a business works in the adult world; you need to be organised, responsible, and adapt to last minute changes.

I am very proud of my students. The event came out wonderfully  and we achieved one of my main goals: to promote the French language and Francophone world.

2 thoughts on “Global Connections – The World in the Classroom

  1. I hope you will share this project when you present at upcoming language conferences. The extensive planning, rubrics and guidelines you’ve provided here will inspire others to make this their own.

  2. Lee: Yes! This will certainly come in very handy whenever I need to share this in language conferences. It is great to have all resources together in one place in the cloud.

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