Flipping the classroom

I did it. I created my first flipped lesson. It was so exciting to see the video once completed. There is a problem with flipping the classroom; it is addictive!

ImageI used the super simple, cute, and incredibly user friendly Ipad App Educreations.

The video was created amazingly easily! I created a lesson on ser versus estar divided into 3 videos.

So far, Educreation provides me with all the features that I am looking for when creating a video for my courses. One flaw; once you make a mistake you cannot erase it, you need to rerecord from the beginning. This is the only one down side that I see in this app.

My first flipped lesson took place in my class. Yes, I flipped my classroom in my classroom! I decided to have my students watch the videos while I was absent. I always go crazy about my substitute planning. I never have the substitute teach the content because, between other reasons, I never know if the substitute will master the content that I teach. Therefore flipping the classroom for substitute lesson plans has been a very convenient idea to implement. Now it will be less hard to plan whenever I have to be absent!

Students also loved it. They were able to watch my explanation over, and over. Parents were also able to watch the explanation (I posted the videos in Schoology). So they were able to assist their kids with their questions, or at least they found out first hand what the lesson was about.

Next week I will be flipping the classroom again but, this time, it will be the real flipping. My students will be watching the videos for homework, and then practicing the Passé Composé in class with me, let’s see how that goes. I am sure that it will be a success!

Do you want to watch my recordings? Here they go:


Let’s keep flipping!

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